Your Daily Digest Podcast

In the age of information overload, it's easy to get swamped by the endless stream of emails that hit our inboxes. But what if you could digest those important messages in a way that's both efficient and enjoyable? Introducing the Email Podcast feature by Inbox Narrator.

What is the Email Podcast?

Inbox Narrator transforms the most important new emails from your inbox into a podcast made just for you, generated with latest AI voice technology. Instead of your email checking routine, you can simply listen to it as you get about your day, while you make coffee, go for a run, or commute to work.

With the Inbox Narrator subscription, we generate one new podcast episode for you every day. Here is a short example:

No app required

The podcast can be added to any podcast listening app you already use, just like your favorite podcasts you listen, the difference is that this one is only for you.

You don't need to install any new apps.

Inbox Narrator Podcast Screenshot

Add to your podcasts

Subscribe to your Inbox Narrator podcast just like the other podcasts you already listen to

How much does it cost?

For generating new podcast episodes every day, plus Siri integration and Inbox Chat, it costs only $5 per month, with 30 free days trial.

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